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New Home Burglar Alarms

Over the years, many people have realised the benefits of having a burglar alarm installed at their home. This is a system that can provide protection and peace of mind in many different ways. However, in order to benefit from having a home burglar alarm system, you need to have one that is of high quality and that caters for your specific needs. In addition, you need to ensure that it is properly and professionally installed so that you do not experience any issues that could compromise on protection levels.

At Absolute Alarms, we can fulfil all of these important factors. We will provide you with assistance every step of the way when it comes to selecting the ideal alarm system for your home, as we realise that this is not always an easy decision. However, with our help you can easily find the perfect burglar alarm for your home and you can then look forward to the ultimate in protection and reassurance for yourself and your loved ones.

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The Detail

Control Panel: This is a very reliable, powerful and flexible system which includes a separate remote keypad. Easy to operate (Set, unset and part set using proximity tags or a four digit code). It’s state of the art technology and ease of setting combines both sophistication and simplicity. The main control panel is hidden out of sight

Backup: The system stores up to 2000 events. Backup Battery will operate the system for eight hours in the event of a mains failure

Anti-Jamming: Totally Secure Wireless products using one of 16 million possible code combinations. The panel will detect and activate if someone is trying to jam the signal.

Passive infra-red detectors to be located in all ground floor habitable rooms and first floor landing (number dependant on house type). This type of detector is sensitive to the heat radiated by the body of an intruder and detects movement of that heat as it moves from one sensitive area to another. Small and unobtrusive giving 90 degree coverage to 8 metres.

Pets? If you have pets we have detectors which are immune to pets up to 80lbs/36kg at a range of 8 meters at no extra charge. (Note: These need to be specified when ordering)

Surface door contact to be located on the front door and any utility doors that lead directly to the hallway without passing through a habitable room.

Exterior sounder to be located at the front of the premises. This is a 105 decibel sounder with flashing strobe light and comfort light which acts as a visual deterrent

Exterior dummy sounder to be located at the rear of the premises.

Internal Sounder Is located adjacent to the control panel. It is an electronic 90 decibel sounder and is designed to drive out intruders.

Cloud Connection: You can enjoy the smartphone features including: Setting\ Un-setting \Part-setting, receiving system alerts\notifications and checking system status. Compatible with Android and Apple. ‘All Inclusive Maintenance Contract required’

Cameras: IP cameras can be cloud connected enabling live feed using the smart phone app (Cloud Connection required).

Police Monitored Systems? We can connect to a 24hr monitoring service with Police response

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Considering CCTV?

If you want to benefit from increased peace of mind we install a full range of HD CCTV products, giving you the ultimate solution to home security. Our CCTV systems offer full HD quality with smart phone connection enabling you to ‘VIEW YOUR HOME FROM YOUR PHONE” with the highest quality cameras available. We have been helping households to benefit from increased security for the home for nearly thirty years and we take pride in our ability to provide effective and affordable solutions to those that want to protect their homes.

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